Chess Camp


  • Players are grouped by experience and level of play
  • All offline sessions will take place at the academy premises
  • Offline - 2 hours of learning and 1 hour of practice
  • Online - 1.5 hours of learning and 1 hour of homework
  • 45 days of learning with 36 days of classes and multiple tournaments
  • Players will get free entry to Children's Cup Tournament.
  • Student performance will be evaluated after every tournament.

Offline Batches:

Batch 1 : 15-30 April 2024
Batch 2 : 01-15 May 2024
Batch 3 : 16-31 May 2024

Online Batch Dates:

Batch 1: 17 Apr-31 May 2024

Offline Batch Timings:
Beginner: 3pm to 6pm
Intermediate: 3pm to 6pm

Advance: 10am to 1pm

Online Batch Slots:
(Based on students and coaches suitable timings)
Slot 1: 3pm-4:30pm
Slot 2: 6:30pm-8pm


  1. Beginner: This group is for someone who has made the decision to learn chess and is ready to take the first step to learning the game.
  2. Intermediate: This group is for them who have already learnt some basics and are making steps to win. 
  3. Advance: This group is for only selective players who already have certain experience.

Offline Camp Fees:
Beginner: 2500 INR per batch
Intermediate: 2500 INR per batch
Advance: 4000 INR per batch

Online Camp Fees:
Beginner: 5000 INR
Intermediate: 5000 INR 

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