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Varas Chess Academy

Welcome to Varas Chess Academy – Where Young Minds Conquer the Chessboard!

Step into the enchanting world of Varas Chess Academy, where chess isn’t just a game; it’s a magical realm of endless possibilities. Here, we blend the art of strategy with the joy of recreation to ignite the brightest sparks in young minds.

Communication and connection is the key to teach a student

Raghav Srivathsav - Founder and CEO

At Varas Chess Academy, we’re on a quest to unveil the hidden potential within every child. We don’t just teach chess; we unravel the secrets of the ancient game, nurturing young adventurers into confident thinkers and daring problem-solvers. Our mission is to create a generation of bold leaders, armed with the power of intellect and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Meet our Team

Raghav Srivathsav

Founder CEO and Chief Coach


Finance Ops and Coach

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